Thursday, 7 February 2013

Littlease - EP Launch

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This week I headed out to Buffalo Bar for the upcoming EP launch of local band Littlease.
The four-piece Cardiff University band took to the stage to showcase their sound which ranges from the currently popular upbeat Indie to the richer sounds of popular rock.
Early songs of the set provided a feel of the Beatles-meets-Indie; an upbeat retro feel coupled with some heavier slices of guitar and drums. Some songs were also compared to the Beach Boys. The first few songs played follow the current trend of popular Indie sound, one which is similar to that showcased by The Vaccines and others of such ilk but Littlease also added in a refreshingly folksy twist in some places, happily conveyed through the use of harmonica in several songs. This fun mix is a welcome development from the current Indie sounds, one which I hope to see increase. The first song from the EP, Notes from Underground, is a perfect example of this old-Rock meets new-Indie blend. The crowd quickly got involved with the easily identifiable but fresh sound, a certain sign of popularity and on-the-pulse music.
Easing through from up-tempo Indie into bluesy tones mixed with light-hearted rock, reminiscent of The Cure’s popular sounds, was easy and fluid and showcased the band’s range of influences. Their music is pleasantly un-bound by genre or current popularity and instead they aren’t afraid to mix together punk, folk, indie and rock. The set ended with a richer, heavier sound reminiscent of The Strokes with its strong bass-lines and guitar-centric style.
With an impressive range of sound and styles this band showcased talent and wide-ranging inspiration and genre. I am eager to see which direction their EP follows as currently it seems that this band are still working out their sound through experimenting with range. Personally, their fresh take on popular Indie with noticeable classic influences was the most enjoyable and I look forward to hearing more from them. Keep an eye out for their EP released on 22nd February which can be found on their Bandcamp . Check them out on FacebookSoundcloud and Twitter and watch this space.
Lauren Sourbutts @IrvingFlashman

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