Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sisters are Doing It For Themselves

So, I took on two DIY projects this summer. They were only small pieces, one table and one small cupboard. All they required was a little sanding and a lick of paint.
I pretty much winged it and just gave it a shot but I'll tell you how I did it and hopefully inspire some other DIYers to get sanding!

Table 1. I am a massive fan of charity shops and recycling products. You give to charity, you get unique pieces and save yourself a FORTUNE in the process. I found this beauty for £5 in a British Heart Foundation store in my home town. My mother was incredibly dubious at first which made me all the more determined to show her I could make this table beautiful.

 I popped along to a hardware store and managed to pick up four paint brushes of different sizes for about £4 - bargain. I also picked up two sample size pots of paint. I was trying to look for coloured paint that would go on wood but I couldn't force myself to love any of the colours and settled on a chalky wall paint by Craig & Rose, the exact paint can be found here.
 I then got home and realised I had not purchased any sandpaper and also had no idea where any could be found. Thankfully, my grandparents live in the house opposite me and they have a plethora of DIY tools for me to steal so I returned with armfulls of sandpaper and also a sanding machine. I gave the sanding machine a go but unfortunately the varnish on the table was very thick and gloopy and I didn't have a sandpad which was rough enough.
After about three hours of vigorous sanding (in my mother's cream lounge because it was dark and raining outside, oops) my table was looking lovely.
I was tempted to varnish the table as it was but decided to paint it and give it a shot anyway.

Thankfully the weather improved and I was able to take my table out into the garden and paint it. It only needed two coats as the paint was quite thick and dried quickly and in no time my lovely table was complete :)
The paint has a lovely chalky finish but I am a little worried that it will wear quite easily. But hopefully that will simply add to the vintage feel of my lovely green table.

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