Sunday, 23 September 2012

New Home :)

I am back in Cardiff and settling into my beautiful new home.
I will, of course, be missing being at home with my parents and living life the easy way but it is definitely time to get back on track and do something productive.

However, my summer was not entirely wasted. Granted, I spent far too much time playing Lego Harry Potter on the Wii but I also tried to become a functional human being and bought some recipe books, whipped up some nice new dishes. I also did my first ever DIY and brought two lovely pieces of old furniture back to life.

I took some pictures of my creations this summer and here they are :)

The furniture is now living in my sweet new home. My cupboards are filled to the brim with homely things such as flour, of all different sorts, cake tins, muffin cases and a multi-coloured whisk of which I am particularly proud.

 Birthday Balloons in the old house
 A lovely dinner with some very special ladies
 Salted caramel heaven
 Damien Hirst at the Tate Modern - I thought it was incredible.
 A rhino's bum, because I am a child
 The Natural History Museum, London
 A wonderful place to stand
 The home of Bridget Jones
 I climbed to the top of this and it hurt like hell
 Dining on the roof of Selfridges, feeling ever so classy
 First ever red velvet cupcake from Lola's
 Daylesford Cafe at Selfridges fed us well
 Liberty of London, where I wish I could shop
 Roger, my new favourite dinosaur
 Sitting alone in Cardiff train station
 My £5 DIY do-up
 After MANY hours of sanding
 Followed by several hours of painting
 My first successful cake, baked with the help of a friend
 Swirly pink, vanilla cupcakes

 A beautiful leaf in a second hand book
 Learning to run, and getting very pink in the process
 A pie that took me many hours to make and very few minutes to eat
 Flying kites with my wonderful boyfriend
 Second DIY project, I absolutely love it
 Baking cakes with my wonderful boyfriend
 Cake and flowers for my parents on their wedding anniversary
 Vintage caffeine loving in my new home,
 We are settling in well,
 Prettying up the place,
 Making it homey :),
 Staying beautiful,
 Keeping ourselves healthy,
 And not so healthy,
And getting plenty of rest.

I thought I would just upload a few pictures as a snapshot of my summer and the things I have been doing. Hope to keep the updates coming, but with my third and final year of university about to begin I can't make any promises.

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