Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shoe Cravings

Recently I have been spending far too much time browsing for shoes online and not enough time making the money to buy them.
I have recently discovered the collaboration of Liberty London and Dr. Marten's shoes, and my soul has died and reached heaven.
I've been wearing Doc Martens 1460 Boots since I was about 15 and I absolutely love them. They are comfortable, practical and definitely get you noticed. This floral pair are the ones from the collection that I am loving the most, but the entire range is absolutely beautiful. Satchels included. Check them out on the Dr. Martens site here. If I could afford the juicy price tag I wouldn't hesitate for more than a second to purchase these. 

The other shoes I am currently dying of desperation to own are Underground UK Brothel Creepers. When they first hit the big time I told myself repeatedly 'no, I will not buy them, I will not buy them!' but over the last few years they have been creeping back into my mind and I have found myself in the position of being willing to forego food for several months in order to own them. 
These burgundy Wulfrun style are, in my opinion, bloody gorgeous. I'd love to stick them on the end of my legs and team them with some denim hotpants. Check them out, and their brothers, here at Underground UK

So yes, I am skipping out on dainty summer sandals and instead desiring some heavy duty shoes for all the outside time I hope to be having in the next few months.

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