Saturday, 19 May 2012

Purchases of the week, ready for summer

I went home for a few days this week and used the opportunity to get myself some bright new summer things ready for my holiday in three weeks. Yes, I have three weeks left to try and find clothing for a holiday; my first beach holiday since 2009! I've been shopping shopping shopping and tracking down some summer brights to bring my wardrobe forwards from my winter full of several shades of grey.

I've also been pinning like crazy this week on my Pinterest

Purchase number one is my scarf-print shirt from Matalan. Matalan isn't somewhere I tend to shop as there isn't one in the centre of Cardiff but my mother dragged me along when I was at home and I got some really good bargains! I always have to remind myself
that lower-quality clothing tends to come up small so not to cry a bit in the changing rooms when I have to get clothing two sizes bigger than usual. I am just in love with the extreme amount of pattern and colour going on in this shirt and cannot WAIT to wear it out as soon as possible. Scarf prints are this season's pattern de jour so hit it up!
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My next favourite purchase is this wonderful Latino floral top by Topshop. This top is sort of a half-crop so I'm definitely going to be needing to wear a high-waisted skirt with it or some of my super high-waisted denim shorts (which I cannot live without). I love the shape of the straps on this top, it looks absolutely beautiful. Florals for summer are an absolute must, especially for me being someone to wears florals pretty much every day. I also can't believe I bought a top which most would define as a 'crop top' since I am under no illusions that I am a size 8. This top is quite close fitting but I got a size up and it follows my curves beautifully :) I can't wait to wear it with a simply, high-waisted, flared skirt.
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Here's some more pattern to offend your eyes. This is my bikini all purchased and ready for my upcoming holiday :) No, I will not be posting a picture of myself wearing said bikini as this young lady looks far better in it than I do. I got this bikini from ASOS after the recommendation of a friend and I could not be happier. I get incredibly annoyed every time I attempt to buy a bikini as most of them appear to be nothing more than a strip of lycra which you squeeze yourself and your breasts in to. Why would women wear underwired, padded, shaped, well-fitting bras every day if they were just as happy to wear a ring of lyrca around their chest? It really does baffle me why it is almost impossible to purchase a bikini which also does the same good old job as a bra. But alas, I found one eventually and I am incredibly happy with it. Note again the fun straps; this will be my shape of the season I feel.
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Last, but absolutely NOT least is the dress, created by Topshop, that has made me happier with my wardrobe than I have been in a long time. I present...the 'Flippy Hem Dress'. I have already purchased this dress in two colours and have worn both more times than I could possibly count. The simplicity of this dress is it's winning factor. I own this dress in both a deep burgundy and black. I have worn it during the day time with a big, loose knit jumper and I have worn it at night with a big, gold body chain thrown over it. This dress is perfect for those with a smaller upper half and a big booty you wanna cover up in a loose skirt. Unfortunately this dress is now on sale and selling out quickly so I'd say rush down to Topshop asap and snap some up as this dress will serve you well from winter to summer and from day to night.
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