Thursday, 10 May 2012

Products of the Day, Elizabeth Arden and Clinique

I was just going through my normal morning routine and it occurred to me how many brilliant products I've come across and how I would love to share them with everyone. You will have probably heard of most of them but I'm here to say 'go on, give it a go. It's BRILLIANT!'

Firstly, my every day essential is my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant Stick. I got this after a friend recommended it and I can genuinely say it
is the best product for my lips I have EVER purchased, and that includes a large lipstick collection. I use this product pretty much every day. It is like having velvet on your lips, not sticky in any way and it also has absolutely no taste. If you have sensitive lips like me that love to break out in a cold sore or two then worry not. I can't go near a cheap lip balm without breaking out but have never had any problems with this - if anything it helps. It also gives your lips a lovely light sheen so if you're not one for coloured lips but love to make them shimmer a bit, whilst keeping them super soft and happy, then I'd say don't hesitate to get this. Another bonus is this stuff has staying power. I find that if I put it on before bed my lips still feel wonderfully soft and moisturised when I wake up. If that doesn't impress then I don't know what will. I also love to dab a little of this under my eyes to give them a light shimmer on days when I'm not wearing any makeup.

On to my second Elizabeth Arden love. It is my weekly treat Elizabeth Arden Clear The Way Mask. This mask has exfoliant beads in it to scrub away any old skin cells and will also help to clear out any dirt buried deep in your pores. I find that it really helps to bring everything to the surface so I can just buff it away and am left with soft, clean skin. I also find it really helps with any breakouts and any little bumps or lumps on my skin. Also, it smells absolutely delicious. I tend to leave it on for a few minutes in the shower which is plenty long enough for me but you can leave it on a little longer to harden a little. I can't comment on how this product will work for sensitive or breakout-prone skin but for oily skin that tends to build up with a little grease I can say it is definitely worth it.

One final thing that keeps my skin happy is Clinique's Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser. I have been a fan of Clinique products since I was 16 and I just keep on coming back to them. I find that their 3-step programme works excellently well for me and is thankfully easy to keep up with - I'm terribly lazy when it comes to my beauty routine. I have tried several other cleansers and facial soaps, including La Roche Posay's Effaclar which is also excellent, but Clinique remains my favourite. It is soft of the skin and tackles almost all of my make up with ease. I will say, however, this does have quite a sting if it gets to your eyes but the simple solution to that is use a make up remover for your eyes and keep the cleanser away. Unfortunately I am terrible at taking my own advice. This works excellently on oily skin and doesn't leave it feeling too tight or squeaky.

So that's my quick input for the day. Hope this will help at least someone on their way to picking out some great products to keep their skin happy and healthy :)

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