Thursday, 3 May 2012

Deli Rouge, Cardiff

Today I popped along to my favourite local eaterie and realised with a start that I really must tell more people about this wonderful place.

Deli Rouge is situated in the Roath area of Cardiff - really is lovely, one must take a stroll around the lake.
Despite being a small venue with enough seating for approximately 20 people or so they have an enormous stock with their walls lined with delicious treats such as fine wines; jars of olives; chutneys galore; breads; meats; cereals; an amazing selection of cheeses; biscuits; pate and everything else you would need in a delicatessen, and more. With lovely wooden tables and crockery which makes me coo at its cuteness this is perfect for a rainy day when you want to hole up with a big, juicy sandwich.

So, yes, the food.
Their menu is simple but I have never failed to choose something delicious. They do a breakfast menu which unfortunately I cannot vouch for as I've never made it there before 12:30pm. Their rolls selection, however, I have sampled several of and can safely say they are all pretty brilliant. With a choice of vegetarian options, spicy options, meaty options or just some delicious salad they do everything, and if you're a picky sod ask nicely they will even change it up and make you your own special concoction. They also do a tapas menu which I am yet to try but with three portions for approximately £7-8 I don't see how you can go wrong. Get yourself a nice bottle of wine to accompany it and you've got yourself a lovely evening meal. They are open several weeknights until 9pm so take someone special along and treat yourselves to some wonderful, freshly prepared tapas and a nice big bottle of wine :)

Check out their website for more information at

Happy Eating :)

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