Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Welcome. Welkom. Bienvenue. Wilkommen. Aloha. Croeso.

Well hello. As a way of throwing out my ramblings, ideas and reviews I’m going to put them all here so that those who live with and around me will no longer be dulled by them and can find them here instead, if they so choose. A word of warning through, my interests are wide-ranging , fleeting and rarely conventional so if it’s coherence you’re looking for you’re in the wrong place.
Let’s start it off with a new discovery in my life.
It is the wonder that is the fantastical, fantasy-filled Game of Thrones. On a particularly groggy day when I was in bed feeling quite poorly I decided to give it a go after the recommendation of a friend, four hours later I was quite firmly hooked. I’ll be honest, fantasy is rarely my ‘thing’ but the ten episodes of season one have spurred a complete turnaround of opinion. The medieval, magical setting of the Seven Kingdoms with its magical landscapes and Middle-Earth style architecture is a real treat for the eyes, immersing you in complete escapism. Each episode, being a pleasant fifty five minutes long, has the perfect combination of humour, danger, sex and drama, along with a splash of the supernatural. The longstanding battle for the throne alongside the oncoming threats of the supernatural makes for compelling viewing. Along with the relationships, marriages, family struggles and friendships that get thrown into the mix.
            Pleasingly, the makers of this series appear to have had no qualms in also showing the grizzly bits of life, sex and death included. There’s no lack of bloody flesh wounds in this series. However, the incidences of gruesome bloodshed and exposed sex do not feel forced or unnecessary, but rather they fit quite comfortably into the world of the Seven Kingdoms, unlike some (unnamed) fantasy shows which seem to throw in as much sex and violence per episode is as possible, and then throw in some more for good luck. Though this does initially seem a bit like a male fantasy, with the bloodied murders and the multiple appearances of breasts throughout, the intricate, exciting and mysterious plotlines will gradually appeal to all viewers and suck everyone in. I expect the fantastic plot development comes as a result of the show being an adaptation of a book series, and all the better for it. The convincing, human performances of Sean alongside the rest of the fantastic cast give the series an emotional element, giving more than just the excitement of which character will take a sword to the neck next.
Having devoured season 1 I am eagerly awaiting the return of season 2 in April, be sure to catch it J


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