Friday, 30 March 2012

Treats of the Week

Hello, my beauties.
I’ve been trying out some new things recently so thought I would tell everyone about how brilliant they all are.
First on my list is the somewhat boring discovery of Kara Dairy Free drink. Dairy and my stomach are not the best of friends, but I cannot go a day without fantasizing about a strong, blue cheese. I’ve been living on soy products these last few months but I do try to avoid soy as it isn’t the best alternative. I am glad to finally have found something that doesn’t taste like sake and isn’t expensive.
It is made from pressed coconut milk but doesn’t taste all that much like coconut. If it did I wouldn’t be drinking it – I don’t do coconut unless it is in my moisturiser.
I discovered Kara at the Vitality fair in London last weekend and was instantly converted. At only £1.10 a carton is pretty much the same price as most soy products (unless you hit up Lidl’s 56p a carton) and genuinely tastes so so much better. It has the light, creamy flavour of cow’s milk without the sometimes unpleasant nuttiness of soy. It is also calcium enriched and contains vitamins D2 and B12. As all vegans will know B12 isn’t the easiest of things to come across so this really is a bonus for everyone! The best news of all is that Kara comes in a Long Life version which is stocked in pretty much every supermarket and most independent health food stores. I am yet to try this version as I grabbed the chilled version from the fresh milk aisle. It may sound ridiculous to say but I was genuinely excited to have my muesli this morning because I just love the taste of Kara Dairy Free. Next on my list to try is the Chocolate version to brighten up my early mornings.
Second fantastic discovery of the week is my new Konjac sponge. I also discovered The Konjac Sponge Company at the Vitality fair and I am ecstatic that I did. I’ve been struggling with dry patches around my cheeks and forehead – unfortunately caused by alcohol strong products and the drying effects of winter. I’ve been trying for months to buff away the dead skin gently but tend to just make the problem worse. I had a conversation with the lovely lady at the Konjac stall and discussed my skin type and she recommended the sponge with added French Green Clay for combination skin. The sponge cost me £5 and will last up to around 3 months which seems a pretty good deal..if it works. After using it only twice I was already impressed. My skin felt a lot smoother and I didn’t have the usual problems of flaky skin when applying my makeup. I’ve been using the sponge twice a day for a week now and my skin is gradually improving. I think it will be quite a while until it returns to normal but the sponge is definitely helping to buff away the layers of dry skin. I only use a cleansing product with the sponge in the evenings when taking off my makeup as I find in the mornings the sponge itself is plenty. Even then my skin has that ‘squeaky clean’ feel without any uncomfortable tightness. The sponges are available for all types of skin and I highly recommend them. It is the perfect ‘little bit extra’ when you need that deep clean and you can’t quite work your products in deep enough.
Check out the range here at

Finally, a quick word on ohso probiotic chocolate. I also tried this at the Vitality show and, as a dark chocolate fan, I had no chance of resisting. A housemate of mine ordered their 7 mini pack online (one per day) and treated me to their code to get one pack free. The bars are quite small but with such a strong dark chocolate flavour they are a perfect size for me, and only 72kcals per bar! They have the added benefit of about 1 billion lactobacillus and bifidobacterium bacteria in each bar to keep your gut happy.

If you fancy a free pack of 7 bars worth £3.99 visit and use the voucher code SHAREOHSO1

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