Friday, 23 March 2012

21 Jump Street

This week I took a long overdue trip to the cinema and saw 21 Jump Street. When it was first described to me as a Cop Comedy I was a little put off as I instantly expected lots of shouting, running around and guns being fired. However, I watched the trailer and actually laughed a few times so I decided to give it a shot. I love the pairing of Seth Rogen and Channing Tatum because they are both really funny and both really quite charming. Channing Tatum is also bloody gorgeous, but we knew that. This film follows the format of the television show by the same name in which young looking policemen are sent undercover into high schools to undercover crimes. Surprisingly, the film doesn’t feel like an attempt to cash in on the fame of something else. This film is really funny in its own right. It is also very clever and, strangely, socially aware.
The children of the school they are sent to are a new breed of ‘cool’. They are environmentally friendly, hard-working and seem like the perfect good-guys. The nerdy kids of ten years ago are now the cool kids.
            This film does of course have the expected emotional scenes, the love story, the car chases and the gun fights but it has plenty of other hilarious scenes thrown in that it misses the mark of cliché. This film is very much made for the modern times and instead of being full of the sequences we have come to expect in films, it makes jokes out of them which I hasn’t really been done yet. I won’t spoil what these jokes are, go and watch it and you’ll get what I mean. I just want to keep saying over and over again ‘this film is so funny!’ because it is! I laughed out loud a LOT, something I don’t often do in films because I can see the jokes before they happen. The word I think I would use to describe this film is, in parts, meta-theatrical. It is very aware that it is a police action movie yet steps back and does something a little different with the expectations we have of this genre. Well done, screenplay writers.
            On times I found a little more time could have been spent developing certain elements of the film. However, this isn’t a drama movie so I can forgive their decisions to skim over certain parts in order to get to the funny bits. This is definitely a film for the younger generation as it is set in their culture and their environment. Despite this, I think the older generation will identify with the panic of the two stars trying to adapt to the rapidly changing culture of teenagers in 2012. Also, the film has some very special guest appearances which made me squeal a little bit. Overall, ’21 Jump Street’ is a really funny film with a good balance of action, comedy and the emotional bits.

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