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Glossybox March 2012 Harrods edition review

Hey hey hey. I got my Harrods edition Glossbox on Monday and have been trying out the products throughout the week. Just the packaging and the iconic Harrods ribbon inside was enough to send me giddy, let along the products inside. The goodies I got were:
  •   Versace – Vanitas Versace Eau De Parfum
  •  Bliss – Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter
  •  Révive - Intensité Crème Lustre SPF 30
  •  Lancôme – Juice Tubes, Toffee R’n’B 93
  •  Clarins – Extra-Firming Body Cream

Originally, I was a little disappointed as this is the second time I have received two products aimed at older skin in my Glossbox. Clearly they are not considering the age categories of their subscribers, but I’ll let it go for now.
Normally I’m a fussy girl when it comes to perfume as I feel that the scent you choose to wear is very expressive of who you are, but I was in luck as I actually quite like this perfume. It isn’t something I would have chosen to purchase myself but will gladly use it as a backup for days when I fancy something different. It quite light and fresh but I noted a slight hint of a deeper, muskier scent in the background. Overall it is easy to wear and not overpowering. However, on offering my wrist to a friend to smell a few hours later the scent had completely disappeared so maybe the scent could do with being a little more powerful, especially considering the retail price of £80 for 100ml.

Versace - Vanitas Eau de Parfum
 Bliss – Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter 
Next to try was the Bliss body cream. I just have to say It. Smells. Amazing. I could just eat it up. I have used this a few times and definitely appreciate the juicy, fresh scent it leaves me with. I haven’t noticed any miraculous changes in my skin but I haven’t noticed it getting any worse either so I can only deduce that this is a good quality moisturiser that keeps my skin in good condition. The consistency is also light and easily blends into the skin, it isn’t thick as the name ‘body butter’ would suggest. However, the full size bottles retail at a pricey £20.50 so you would really have to love this product to purchase it.

I also tried out the second body cream I got in my Glossybox. It is by Clarins and is aimed at skin that needs firming. At 21 I’m not really having many problems with saggy skin but I gave it a shot of course. Once again, this is an incredible smelling cream. The scent is a little lighter than the Bliss cream so it doesn’t interfere with any perfume you’re wearing. The cream is a little thicker as a result of being aimed at older skin needing the heavy moisture. I can’t really comment on the firming abilities of the product but I can confirm that it is fantastically hydrating on the skin and smells absolutely incredible. The full sized product will cost £30-£40 so is only really worth it for people looking for a specific firming product.

Clarins – Extra-Firming Body Cream 
Lancôme – Juice Tubes, Toffee R’n’B 93 
I’ve never used one of the Lancôme Juicy Tubes before but had, of course, heard a lot about them. I was really excited to try it out and wasn’t disappointed. The toffee smell is beautiful. It isn’t too strong or too sweet. The colour left a subtle, nude/peachy sheen on my lips which was lovely. The product also has a subtly sparkle in it which catches the light beautifully. I’m not the biggest lip gloss fan as I quite simply loathe the sticky lip feeling which, unfortunately, came with this lip-gloss too, despite claims that it doesn’t. I will be using the sample product but I will be sticking to my traditional matte lipsticks afterwards. This product costs around £15-£18 so not too extravagant but for the real lip-gloss lover.

The final product I tried out was the Révive moisturiser. This is also a product aimed at older skin as it claims to be intensive and firming and reduces the appearance of sagging skin. My face hasn’t quite reached ‘saggy’ yet but as I’ve been having some problems with dry patches I decided to brave it and apply a thin layer all over. I am also cursed with quite oily skin but was very pleasantly surprised when I woke up the next morning to a face that was as matte and moisturised as when I went to bed. The product isn’t too thick so I wasn’t scared to try it out on my sensitive skin and was pleased with the result. It really helped with my dry patches but I feel I would have to use it for a while to make a real difference. Again, I can’t comment on the firming qualities of the product as I have no skin that needs firming. However, I was very pleased with the high SPF level of the product; it’s always reassuring to know your skin is being protected from those nasty UVs. This product retails on the Harrods website for £235 for 60ml. If anything, I feel privileged at the opportunity to drench my skin in such a wonderful product but it is a shame that I won’t get to feel the full effect.

Révive - Intensité Crème Lustre SPF 30 
All in all I was very pleased with this month’s Glossbox but really wish they would stop sending me anti-ageing products as it will be my mother who will get the benefits of my monthly subscription and not me. Either way, for another month I shall have super soft skin; shimmering toffee lips; and smell wonderful J

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