Friday, 16 March 2012

Demiro's Restaurant at Cardiff Bay

Demiro's Restaurant

Situated in the centre of the modernised Cardiff Bay this restaurant is definitely not one to be missed. If I were to choose one word to describe this restaurant it would have to be atmospheric. The d├ęcor is simplistic; with hints of old school glamour. You may even be seated on one of their long bench-like tables, forcing you to befriend the people next to you. For many this sounds like a nightmare, but in the spirit of the restaurant it only serves to improve your night. A meal at Demiro’s is not just dinner, it’s an experience. The biggest part of your experience at Demiro’s is the live entertainment. On the night I attended
we were entertained by a gentleman in a tuxedo singing classical show tunes – ‘My Way’ was a particular hit with the crowd. Also, if it’s your birthday then watch out or you will have the entire restaurant singing Happy Birthday to you.
            I suppose I should also mention the important part – the food. They have three separate menus offering cuisine from Spain, Wales and Italy. However, offering such a large menu does not detract from the quality of the food. We sampled dishes from each of the menus and each one was…lovely. The Italian options are the cheaper, and therefore a little plainer, dishes but they still fulfil your expectations. The seafood dishes available on the Spanish menu were particularly delicious. Dishes are reasonably priced although some meat dishes can seem a little on the pricey side but there are plenty of other options. Alongside the food there is also an extensive drinks menu with champagne bottles available costing between £15.95 and £275.95. They also offer a bottle of red wine for the reasonable price of £650… I’m not sure how many bottles of the higher end drinks they actually sell, but it’s always fun to browse the menu. The house white was plenty good enough for me.
The VIP Piano Lounge
            Also, not to be missed is their accompanying VIP Piano Lounge which can be accessed just around the corner. This place really is the epitome of old school glamour. It is filled with red velvet, dark wood, glass tables and sparkles aplenty. It also has the fantastic novelty of a bar coated in ice. Here you will find more live entertainment on the small stage accompanied by the grand piano. The drinks menu here is also far more extensive than in the restaurant with prices reaching even more ridiculous heights, but a simple Vodka will only set you back a reasonable £3.30. It appears that the Piano Lounge is more of a novelty than a serious location but everyone there still has a fantastic time. There is no atmosphere lost in the transition between restaurant and Piano Lounge – if anything it increases. As I said, a visit to Demiro’s is an experience and you must take in a drink or two at the Piano Lounge to get the full effect. While not being the sort of place I would normally choose – show tunes and glitz are not my usual Saturday night – my evening was filled with delicious food, plenty of alcohol and many a sing-along. Just…don’t take it seriously.

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