Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 and Face Touch Up Stick

I recently purchased Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation as after using Clinique’s Superbalanced Foundation for about five years I felt it was time for a change. I did my time, I did my research and did my sampling and finally booked an appointment with a Bobbi Brown consultant. I think it was probably one of the best decisions I made in the last few months. She was absolutely brilliant and cleansed, toned and moisturised my face. She also kindly put an intensive moisturiser on some dry patches I’ve been having trouble with. Pleasingly, all Bobbi Brown facial products have primer in them so instantly I was craving the entire collection. My skin was matched to the shade Sand. At first I was apprehensive that it seemed a bit on the yellow side after several weeks of using it I am very pleased with it.
My skin can be quite a nightmare for makeup in that it is quite oily but I also suffer from dry patches on my cheeks and forehead which love to flake off, taking my makeup with them. These dry patches also make blending in makeup very difficult indeed. However, the Skin foundation has a very light, runny texture which makes it easy to blend in and over the dry patches. I found that heavier foundations tended to just clog in the dry patches which was not an attractive look at all. The foundation leaves my skin looking almost flawless with only one pump (we love pump bottles!) but it builds quite well too. However, I don’t really feel I need more than one sheer layer. The foundation also leaves my skin on the right side of the dewy/shiny line but I tend to put a good layer of powder on due to my oil slick skin. The foundation also lasts throughout my usual eight hour day with only a quick re-application needed for nights out. One of my favourite things about this foundation is due to the thin layer needed my blusher goes on easily without getting clogged up in patches of thick makeup. Best of all, it has an SPF 15 so my face not only looks great but is protected from the sunshine all day too. I no longer have reason to feel guilty for clogging up my face with heavy makeup.
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Sand and Face Touch Up Stick in Sand
And now on to the miracle that is the Face Touch Up Stick. Although I am prone to the occasional break out my skin isn’t too blemished  and I don’t suffer from dark patches under my eyes so I don’t need one of the heavy duty concealers. Instead I now have this solid, creamy stick which I blend into some of the more red patches on my skin. Because the foundation provides such wonderful coverage I find I only need a tiny swipe of this on the redder patches of my skin which blends in easily with the side of my foundation brush. It doesn’t clog in the dry patches of my skin and because the colour is matched to my foundation it disappears instantly. I really do love this product – it provides that perfect little extra after my foundation.
I was somewhat apprehensive about finally changing my foundation as I can be so particular about what makeup I use but I am so glad I did. I only need to use the smallest amount of product for my entire face and it works wonderfully with other products. I could not recommend this more. It really does look like Skin and not an orange paint layer like most foundations can end up being.
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